High End tonearms, unique field coil loaded uni-pivot tonearm and finest gimbal tonearms crafted in The Netherlands

Dealershow at Fastaudio Stuttgart

Stacks Image 5641
Fastaudio Showroom Stuttgart, Germany
PrimaryControl Kinea tt, FCL Tonearm, Lyra Atlas SL cartridge, Air Tight ATE-2001 Reference preamp, Jadis JP80 MC preamp, Frans de Witt Signature One poweramp, Wolf von Langa Audio Frame Chicago loudspeaker. Lovely!

AAA Krefeld Audio show

Our german representative
FAST Audio was presenting three Kinea Turntables with the new Gravity Tonearm.
Thomas Fast gave the visitors the possibility to compare the sound characteristics of three single layer low output cartridges from the Lyra manufacture.
Amplifikation was provided by
The Audio Frame London speakers from
Wolf von Langa made it possible to follow finest differences in the performance of the cartridges.

Stacks Image 5610
The setup, ready for the show.

Stacks Image 5612
Kleos SL cartage mounted at the 24 karat gold plated Gravity Tonearm.

Stacks Image 5616
The Gravity Tonearm in satin nikkel finishing was carrying the Etna SL cartridge.

Stacks Image 5614
Finally, the top range Atlas SL cartridge was running in the polished chroom version of the Gravity Tonearm.

What Chris Martens, publisher of Hi-fi + magazine says about us.

„Sonically, I was struck by the PrimaryControl analogue rig’s light, lithe, agile and noise free presentation. Further listening is indicated.”

This customer really likes our tonearms!
PrimaryControl Arrow and Reference tonearm at Döhmann Helix One turntable.
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High End Munich 2017

One week ago, one of the most important audio trade fairs took place in Munich, Germany.
This show gets bigger and more crowded every year.
We are happy to have one of the nicest rooms, with a lot of day light, for our setup.
Some visitors always came back to our room to relax and listen to unknown music at a decent sound level. We take this as a big compliment. Thanks!

Next to our previously announced FCL Tonearm, we had a little surprise on our display shelf. Our new Gravity Tonearm was just finished the day before the show and we were able to display the pre-series version. Based on the same bearing technique as the FCL but using all permanent magnets in place of the field coil.
For more information, please
contact us.

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Stig Bjorge, CEO of the Lyra company, enjoying a private demonstration of his Lyra Atlas Cartridge in our FCL Tonearm.

Stacks Image 5539
The new FCL Tonearm as well as the Gravity Tonearm are the perfect match for the Lyra Atlas Cartridge.
Stacks Image 5537
At the back, the Thomas Mayer all symmetrical RIAA and Line Stage.

Stacks Image 5578
The Wolf von Langa AUDIO FRAME Chicago, this years demonstration loudspeaker system.
Stacks Image 5570
AUDIO FRAME Berlin on display.
Maybe next years main loudspeaker system?

Stacks Image 5543
Frank Wogatzki preparing the upcoming 78 rpm demonstration.
Stacks Image 5541
The team, after closing hour, having a little chat.

FCL TONEARM - some first snapshots

Stacks Image 5465

Microspheres blasted, Rhodium plated.

Stacks Image 5469

Field coil with supply connector.

Stacks Image 5471

Field coil regulator.

This time, not on our own behalf, but the thing that’s what it’s all about. The musicians and their music.
Han Bennink and the ICP Orkest played on three consecutive nights at The Bimhuis in Amsterdam. Powerhouse Han Bennink (drums), all the time on stage during this 3 hour lasting concerts, turns 75 ! today, 17th of april. Congratulation!!!
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The Bimhuis is making live registration of some concerts and making them available at their website. A nice opportunity to listen to Bimhuis concerts. A great venue with very good acoustics.

New FCL TONEARM at High End Munich 18th to 21st may

Uni-pivot technology newly invented!

We will present our new
Field Coil Loaded Tonearm at the High End trade show in Munich in Room F231c, Atrium 4.2.

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Field Coil Loaded Tonearm)

• New technology field coil
loaded uni-pivot bearing
• Constant current regulator
• No bearing chatter
• High torsional stability
• Low moment of inertia
• Non-friction anti-skating device
• Ultra low resonance armwand

PrimaryControl is presenting a new bearing technology, the world’s first field coil loaded uni-pivot tonearm.
This technique provides high torsional stability and a low moment of inertia for the tonearm.
Bearing chatter, caused by energy transfer in the uni-pivot bearing, is eliminated.
In combination with the new developed ‘ultra low resonance arm-wand’, it leads to a low frequency reproduction and sonically performance unmatched by any other uni-pivot tonearm designs.

Video Tutorial Reference Tonearm mounting and cartridge alignment. Video

A review of the Arrow Tonearm is published in the new 2017 edition of the Hifi Tunes, Das Szenebuch. (in German)

Review of Arrow gimbal tonearm
Christian Bayer, Autor Image Hifi, zieht folgendes Resümee:
‚Der PrimaryControl Arrow ist der beste Tonarm, mit dem ich in meinem audiophilen Leben bisher das Vergnügen hatte zu arbeiten. Ich finde ihn wunderhübsch, er lässt sich wirklich leicht einstellen und bietet unterschiedlichsten MC-Systemen eine optimale Arbeitsbasis. August Macke schrieb einst: „Der Mensch äußert sein Leben in Formen. Jede Kunstform ist Äußerung seines inneren Lebens.” Ich halte den Arrow für große Kunst.’

Christian Bayer, editor of Image Hifi, draws the following conclusion:
‚The PrimaryControl Arrow is the best tonearm with which I have had the pleasure to work in my audiophile life. I find it beautiful, it is easy to adjust and offers a wide range of MC cartridges an optimal working base.
August Macke once wrote: „Man expresses his life in forms. Each art form is an expression of its inner life.” I consider the Arrow to be great art.’

A new representative in Russia.

A Miyajima PremiumBEII Mono spinning rounds in the Arrow Tonearm at this years Moscow High End Show.
Our products are now available at
New Ambience in Moscow.

Dohmann Helix 1 with PrimaryControl Arrow gimbal tonearm
PrimaryControl Arrow Tonearm at the Moscow High End Show.

From November 18th to November 20th, at room 213 our representative Mikhail Samorukov from
New Ambience is demonstrating the Arrow Tonearm on a Döhmann Helix One turntabel and a Tidal loudspeaker system.

Dohmann Helix one turntable with Arrow gimbal tonearm

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Wolf von Langa SON loudspeaker

I would like to introduce you to the loudspeaker which I ‚fall in love with’ lately after demonstrating with these beauties at a couple of shows.
Wolf von Langa’s SON is a two way speaker in a white acrylic compound enclosure supported by a passive driver at the back.
The use of the field coil driver makes this loudspeaker one of its kind.
German technik at its best!
This loudspeaker sounds so incredible clear and live like with a pinpoint soundstage to walk in.
Stacks Image 5228

Stacks Image 5230
Stacks Image 5279

The back of the white acrylic compound enclosure with the 12 inch passive metal cone driver.

One of the few loudspeaker companies not only building the cabinet and the crossover, but also building the loudspeaker drivers at their own. Beautiful finished bass/mid driver. A shame, that the back of the driver is hidden in the enclosure.

Stacks Image 5281
Stacks Image 5273

The crossover shows components carefully chosen by listening tests .

The bass/mid driver is a field coil speaker. That means, that the magnetic field of the driver is created by an electrical coil and an iron core instead of the nowadays used permanent magnets. This technique, based on the early days of loudspeaker design, has some technical advantage as a driver generator. The electrical field is powered by a constant current supply. This will keep the magnetic field constant at any time. Comparing to drivers with permanent magnets, there is no negativ effect of the electro magnetic feedback, introduced by the moving cone/coil. This shows a unknown ability to follow the smallest signal information without a ‚smearing effect’.

Stacks Image 5313
Stacks Image 5315

It is obvious, that if you have a bass/mid driver of these qualities, you need the very best available for the high frequency driver. The tweeter is based on the Heil air motion principe. The folded foil membrane has a large surface and is able to deliver high sound pressure efficiency and a low crossover point.
The driver is made by Mundorf with some custom specifications for Wolf von Langa.

The constant current power supply and the power to loudspeaker cable. The two drivers are in series, so that both speakers have at any time the same magnetization factor.

Stacks Image 5292

The Wolf von Langa SON in a customer living room environment.

Westdeutsche Hifi Tage Bonn 2016

Some impressions of our appearance at the Hifi Show in Bonn, Germany last weekend.

Kinea direct drive turntable variable torque
Our setup at the Westdeutsche Hifi Tage 2016.

Arrow tonearm on Kinea direct drive turntable with variable torque
Kinea Turntable with Arrow Tonearm and our own cartridge in a prototype stage.

Stacks Image 5185
Wolf von Langa fieldcoil loudspeaker SON.

Stacks Image 5187
Jadis CA30 push pull amplifier.

Bernd Hemmen of PrimaryControl tonearm and turntable manufacture
Preparing some room acoustic treatment elements.

PrimaryControl Kinea Plattenspieler und Arrow Tonarm auf Hifi Tage Bonn
This setup played as bright as the sun whilst taking the picture!

PrimaryControl on Television

Thanks to Andy Kao from
Supreme-Audio, our distributor for Taiwan and China, we had a very successful show at the TAA High-End in Taipei.
Here you can find a television report of the show and our Kinea Turntable and Reference Tonearm.
The frontend was partnered by
Aesthetix electronic and the Piega Master Line Source.

12 inch unipivot tonearm and direct drive turntable
12 inch ebony tonearm with Miyajima cartridge
PrimaryControl Kinea Direct Drive Turntable with variable torque settings
Andy Kao of Supreme Audio alignment of the ebony arm wand 12 inch unipivot tonearm


At the TAA HI-END SHOW in Taiwan from august 11th till august 14th, PrimaryControl is represented by our distributor Andy Kao, Supreme Audio.

PrimaryControl Kinea direct drive turntable
Taiwan Hifi Show with analog audio

Some quotes about our show appearances

‚PrimaryControl is not an institution taken from the pages of Orwell’s 1984 but rather one of the finest tonearms we’ve come across of late. Together with their new direct drive table the sound is something altogether ethereal.’
Frederick Crane, Stereodesk (USA)

‚This was my personal favorite sound at this show. (I also liked the more traditional sound in the Harbeth room.) Maybe if I were to make my "desert island choice" I would go with the Primary Control, Lyra Atlas, and this particular open baffle Wolf von Langa speaker.’
Stig Bjorge, CEO Lyra (Japan)

‚Wolf von Langa demonstrated a smaller model this year called Son (€7,900), this features a field coil powered 15inch woofer combined with a planar tweeter on an open acrylic baffle. Combined with Thomas Mayer tube electronics including 211 powered SET monoblocks and the new Primary Control Kinea turntable (€12,000) this system sounded sweet as a nut. The Kinea is a low torque direct drive design with an air core motor that can deliver variable torque in order to minimise the cogging effect that undermines many such designs. It has a 3.2kg aluminium platter with a mass loaded perimeter and can be used with a range of Primary Control arms.’
Jason Kennedy, The Ear (USA)

New PrimaryControl turntable by Bernd Hemmen. Nice analogue sound, quick and responsive, natural…’
Walter Kircher, Kircher Hifi (Austria)

High End Show Munich 2016

This year we attended the Munich exhibition at two different rooms. As in the previous years, we shared our main listening room together with Wolf von Langa, Vinylsavor Thomas Mayer and as special guest Ze’ev Schlik from PureAudioProjekt. Acoustical room treatment was provided by Thomas Fast.

We had a second setup playing at the
Thoeress / Sperling demonstration room.
The Reference Tonearm was on display and Reinhard Thoeress demonstrated the Arrow Tonearm, partnered by a
Tedeska Stereo cartridge, at a Sperling L-1 turntable.
Acoustical room treatment was done by
AMS Jaeger and the racks were provided by Paralyse.

Unipivot vs. Gimbal tonearm at High End Show Munich

A selection of the most photographed record covers at the show!

Stacks Image 1989
Rossini String Sonatas.
Neville Marriner conducting the Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. Great string music in this marvelous Argo recording.

Stacks Image 1991
Ernst Reijseger, Harmen Fraanje and Mola Sylla.
I had the pleasure to see a live performance of these musicians last year at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam. One of the best concerts I attended at this famous jazz place.

Music Edition Winter&Winter
Stacks Image 1993
John Zorn, known for his renewing crossover music goes bob. Very nice music, excellent recorded.

Black Saint 120109-1

Stacks Image 2003
I discovered the young pianist Francesco Tristano giving a concert at the Paradiso Amsterdam last year with pianist Alice Sara Ott.
This 45 rpm record will transform your speakers into a piano.

Deusche Grammophon 0289 481 0015 6 LP
Stacks Image 1999
A classical educated pianist/composer meets electronic dance music.
The music played mostly with acoustical instruments will rock your house and if you have a capable installation, will shake your walls.
Watch one of the live performance registrations on youtube. It’s worth it!

!K7 Records 7286LP
Stacks Image 2001
We actually didn’t play this record. Nevertheless I thing it is a great record. I got this from a friend who is into dance music, which I’m definitely not. But wow, this blows my mind. Eclectic music from soul, disco, hip hop, house, techno. The guy from Detroit knows a lot about the musical history of his city.
Highly recommended!

!K7 Records 7327LP

12 inch stabilized unipivot tonearm vs. gibal 10 inch tonearm
Kinea Turntable with 12 inch stabilized unipivot Reference Tonearm.
Arrow gimbal 10 inch tonearm vs. stabilized unipivot tonearm
Kinea Turntable with Arrow Tonearm.

PrimaryControl Reference 12 inch tonearm
Kinea Direct Drive Turntable with variable torque, playing a mono recording with Tedeska cartridge.
Stacks Image 2323
Lyra Atlas Cartridge mounted to the Arrow balanced gimbal tonearm.

Reference Tonearm detail of magnetic anti skating
A Reference Tonearm on display.
Stacks Image 2327
An Exclusive Tonearm on display.

Balanced Riaa Phono Thomas Mayer
Thomas Mayer fully balanced LCR Phono.
Thomas Mayer Elrog 211 single ended amp
The 211 SE power amp from Thomas.

Stacks Image 2336
Wolf von Langa SON fielcoil speaker with Airmotion Tweeter.
Stacks Image 2338
PureAudioProject Trio 15 open baffle speaker with Wolf von Langa fieldcoil A5000.

Reference Tonearm with on the fly VTA setting
PrimaryControl Reference Tonearm with Thomas Mayer Line Stage Regulator at the background.

Tedeska mono cartridge in VTA on the fly 12 inch Reference Tonearm
Tedeska Mono Cartridge mounted to a 12 inch PrimaryControl Reference Tonearm.

PrimaryControl at the Thoeress / Sperling demonstration room.

PrimaryControl gimbal 10 inch tonearm at Sperling turntable
PrimaryControl Arrow Tonearm, Tedeska Stereo and Mono Cartridges on the Sperling L-1 turntable.
Arrow 10 inch tonearm at Sperling turntable and Thoeress riaa phono pre-amp
Thoeress Preamp, Phono Enhancer, Power Amps and 2CD12 MKII Loudspeaker. Room treatment by AMS Jaeger. Racks provided by Paralyse.

PrimaryControl 10 inch Arrow gimbal tonearm at Sperling turntable and Tedeska Mono Cartrige
PrimaryControl Arrow Tonearm and the Tedeska Stereo Cartridge rocking on the Sperling L-1 Turntable
Arrow tonearm 10 inch and Tedeska cartridge

High End Show 2016 MOC Munich
We are proud to present our products at Atrium 4.2 room F231c and at room E02/F03 Halle 2 (Thöress/Sperling).
Stacks Image 1748

Hörtest 2016
At the
Norddeutsche Hifi Tage in Hamburg (6/7 february) we are proud to present our latest tonearm model, the PrimaryControl Arrow Tonearm, at the third floor (3. Obergeschoss, Flur 6 Freiflaeche.)
This year, there will be no sound demonstration of our products. Here you can find the
exhibitor map.
contact us directly for demo appointments.

The AAA Krefeld Show 2015, held as always in a very familiar atmosphere at the Mercury Hotel.

PTP Lenco Idler Wheel turntable with Arrow 10 inch gimbal tonearm
PrimaryConrol Kinea Turntable with Reference Tonearm and Lyra Delos and Atlas cartridge. Illusion pre-amplifier and Frans de Wit power-amplifier. wvl-logo-12tr Kopie SON Fieldcoil Loudspeaker.
Beside the PTP Lenco a PrimaryControl direct dirve turntable with 10 inch stabilized unipivot tonearm magnetic antiscating and VTA adjustment at the fly
PrimaryControl Reference Tonearm at the Kinea Turntable, a direct drive with variable torque adjustment.